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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Padova’s famous university was housed in ancient tavern

Palazzo del Bò
The University of Padova , originally established in 1222, is one of the oldest universities in the world - second in Italy only to the University of Bologna.
The main university building is Palazzo del Bò in Via 8 Febbraio, which was named after the tavern known as Il Bò (‘the ox’ in Venetian dialect) that had been acquired by the university as new premises in 1493.
Originally this building housed the university’s renowned medical faculty. You can take a guided tour and see the pulpit that was used by Galileo when he taught at the university between 1592 and 1610 and the anatomy theatre, built in 1594, which is the oldest surviving medical lecture theatre in the world today.
The university grew larger in the 16th century and other buildings near Palazzo del Bò became part of the complex. The palazzo itself was modified at this time by architect Andrea Moroni.
Today Palazzo del Bò has two main wings. There is a 19th century part, which was restored in the last century, and the older wing is to the left hand side of the building.
To find Palazzo del Bò, leave Piazza Cavour, passing Caffe Pedrocchi on your right, and walk down Via 8 Febbraio. The university building is on the left hand side of the street at its corner with Via San Francesco.

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