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Monday, January 19, 2015

Look out for Lugana wine

If you enjoy a light, white wine with a hint of flowers, try a bottle of Lugana when in restaurants in Padova or other towns in the Veneto.
Lugana can be enjoyed with many local dishes
Lugana is a straw yellow, almost pale green, colour and is a very delicate wine, with a slight hint of fruit. 
It is made from Trebbiano di Lugana grapes by several of the vineyards set on the hills around the southern shores of nearby Lago di Garda.
Lugana wine can be enjoyed as an aperitivo in a bar, is particularly good with antipasto or risotto made with fish, and makes an excellent accompaniment for the chicken and duck dishes you will see among the secondi piatti in many restaurants in Padova.
Check the date on the bottle because Lugana is at its best when drunk young.  It should be served chilled, preferably between eight and ten degrees centigrade.
Respected producers of Lugana include Ca’ dei Frati, Visconti and Zenato. Salute!


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